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Oasis House Vision

Oasis House is a place of hope and recovery for female survivors of domestic violence, and for women who are on their journey to overcoming substance abuse. We offer long-term, affordable and comfortable housing, to assist those in recovery. Oasis House is changing lives by providing a safe and supportive home for women.

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Your Path to Transitional Housing in Baton Rouge

At Oasis House, our mission is to provide a sanctuary of healing and stability for women who have faced domestic violence, drug and alcohol dependencies, ...

Where Compassion Meets Empowerment

At Oasis House, our commitment to transforming lives and restoring hope is at the core of everything we do. We specialize in providing a range of ...

A Place to Call Home

Oasis House is designed to provide a serene and secure environment for our residents. Our commitment to offering the highest standard of transitional ...


Self Defense Classes

One significant partnership involves teaming up with a local Deputy Sheriff to offer free self-defense classes to Oasis House residents, especially those who were victims of domestic violence. This unique service will empower our residents with confidence in having this essential skill.

Local Organizations

Oasis House has partnered with the other women's health organizations in Baton Rouge, who share a common goal - to provide assistance to women in need.

Community Engagements

Oasis House is actively engaged with other agencies in and around Baton Rouge, in creating more awareness of domestic violence and its effects on victims and on the local communities.